Thank you to everyone who participated in independent study for the seminar this year!

New Jersey’s Premier Brain Injury Seminar for Professionals

The Annual Seminar offers an educational and networking opportunity for professionals to gain knowledge of the latest research, best practices and effective strategies for working with individuals affected by brain injury.

The Seminar is a full day conference. Lunch will be served and organization exhibitors and student poster presentations will also be included. Presentations will also be recorded for use as an Independent Study on the BIANJ website.

Keynote Address

The Power and Potency of Social Capital

Al Condeluci, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh


Physical Exercise to Promote Wellness
Performance Feedback
Executive Functioning, Mental Health and School
Stress Reduction for Caregivers
Executive Functioning, Mental Health and Work
Impact of Tobacco Use
Cognitive Impairments with Long COVID
Cognitive and Emotional Dysfunction Post COVID
Dysphasia and Aspiration


Priority is given to individuals who have not attended the Annual Seminar in the past.
Please note that scholarships do not cover the processing fee for CEUs.

Award Nominations

Each year the Alliance recognizes outstanding individuals for their dedication to our mission through their professional contributions, personal achievements, strength of character, and relentless work to support our constituency.

2022 Nominations are closed.

Mimi Goldman, who was pivotal in the development of the Council for the Head-Injured Community (CHIC, now known as VOICES), passed away in 1997. She was the first person with a brain injury to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey. Mimi served as a role model for the brain injury community, sharing her talents and experiences on numerous committees and events, and always with a characteristic smile.

The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey established the Miriam (Mimi) Goldman Positive Achievement Award in the spring of 1997 to commemorate Mimi Goldman. This award is presented each year to an individual with a brain injury to honor his or her accomplishments.

2022 Recipient: Christopher Mueller

Trooper Christopher S. Scales was a front-line partner in the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey’s brain injury prevention efforts. Trooper Scales was struck and killed on December 3, 2002 while conducting a seatbelt enforcement detail on the New Jersey Turnpike.

The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey honored State Trooper Christopher Scales posthumously in May 2003 by introducing the Trooper Christopher Scales Memorial Award. This award is presented each year to a member of the law enforcement community who has demonstrated exemplary efforts in promoting public safety and brain injury prevention.

2022 Recipient: Sgt. Jefferey Delbuono

The Jill Schulman Community Pillar Award recognizes individuals, employed in the brain injury field, who significantly contribute to the quality of life for people with brain injury and their caregivers and promote brain health through their volunteer service and support of the mission of the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey. The Award was renamed to honor Jill Schulman who passed away in May of 2011. During her 21 year tenure with the Alliance, Jill’s contributions, character, and unending passion embodied the spirit in which the Community Pillar Award was established.

2022 Recipient: Dr. Dustin Gordon

The Irene Parisi Humanitarian Award was established in 2012. The award recognizes individuals who embody the ethics of kindness and benevolence in accepting people for who they are and working to abolish biased social views and prejudices.

2022 Recipient: Jen Suresh

The James and Sarah Brady award is presented to an individual or group for public service based on an outstanding record of contributions that further the goals of the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey through work at the federal, state, or local level.

2022 Recipient: Congressman Bill Pascrell

The Founders Award is presented to recognize individuals or groups who have rendered exceptional volunteer services that benefit persons with brain injury and their families.

2022 Recipient: Daniel George

Joanna Boyd was a friend, colleague, and advocate for the brain injury community from the beginning of her employment with the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey in 2002 until her passing in 2020.

For decades she demonstrated extraordinary service in the areas of concussion awareness, pediatric brain injury, and self-advocacy, while balancing work with the selfless care of a child with brain injury.

For those impacted by brain injury, Joanna was someone you wanted on your side. Her knowledge – extensive. Her dedication – unparalleled. Her friendship and compassion – unlimited.

Joanna worked tirelessly to illuminate key issues affecting people and families impacted by brain injury and worked to improve the courageous lives of all; particularly youth with brain injury.

This award is given to a BIANJ staff member or volunteer whose contributions reflect the service, compassion, and spirit of Joanna Boyd’s commitment to the brain injury community.

2022 Recipient: Wendy Berk

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