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The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey provides interactive workshops on a variety of brain injury related topics. Workshops can be customized for the audience and adapted for different ages. For in-person presentations, a 25 person minimum is required and a donation is suggested. To request a workshop please fill out the form. If you have any questions, contact

Introduction to Brain Injury –This workshop provides an overview of the different types of brain injuries, common causes, symptoms and changes that result from brain injury, as well as strategies for assisting brain injury survivors.


Adjustment to Brain Injury – Designed for brain injury survivors and caregivers to discuss the challenges of adjusting to life after brain injury. The workshop reviews the various changes that can result from brain injury, common responses to these changes, and strategies for developing support throughout one’s journey.


Brain Injury in Students – Designed to teach educators and school staff how to support students with brain injury, this presentation reviews the different types of brain injury, the effect of brain injury on students, and accommodations and strategies for assisting students.


Brain Injury & Substance Abuse –This workshop provides an introduction to brain injury, highlights the bidirectional relationship between brain injury and substance abuse, and offers strategies for working with individuals impacted by brain injury.


Brain Injury & Domestic Violence –Designed to provide an introduction to brain injury, explore the connection and barriers associated with brain injury and intimate partner violence, and offers strategies for working with survivors of brain injury and domestic violence.


Brain Injury & Mental Health –This workshop provides an introduction to brain injury, explores mental health concerns that are common after brain injury, and offers strategies for working with survivors of brain injury.


Return to Work After Brain Injury –Designed for brain injury survivors and caregivers this workshop highlights common barriers to employment after brain injury and reviews the resources and accommodations that are available to assist survivors on their vocational journey.

Helmet & Wheeled Sport Safety – Focuses on wheeled sport safety (bike, scooter, skateboard), including the importance of wearing a helmet and rules of the road.


Distracted Driving – Designed to teach how to be aware of distractions and demonstrates how everyone can share the road. Strategies for drivers to prevent crashes and to understand pedestrian safety will be included.


Pedestrian Safety – Focuses on safety tips for walking and crossing the road.


Teen Safe Driving – Designed to educate teens about the GDL laws, pedestrian safety and how to be aware of distractions. Strategies for new drivers to prevent crashes and to learn how everyone can share the road will be included.


Child Passenger Safety – Designed to help families understand which car seat is right for their child and to learn when car seats need to be switched.  We also offer a workshop for K-1 grade students designed to teach them the importance of sitting in a booster seat.


School Bus/School Zone Safety- A workshop for students discusses safety at the bus stop including how to get on and off buses safely, as well as safety rules while riding the bus. A workshop for parents discusses school zone safety, including tips for picking up and dropping off their children as well as the importance of following the speed limit and sharing the road.


Distracted Driving for Bus Drivers- Designed to help bus drivers develop an awareness of different types of distractions and understand the dangers of multitasking. School zone safety, strategies to prevent crashes, pedestrian safety and techniques to become a defensive driver are included.

Heads Up! Seniors: A Fall Prevention and Pedestrian Safety Program for Older Adults – Designed for older adults, this workshop focuses on strategies to best prevent falls. It also includes strategies for pedestrian safety as well as safe driving strategies.


Concussion in Youth Sports –This workshop is designed to educate participants on the impact of concussion, identify concussion signs and symptoms and take appropriate precautions to properly manage and prevent concussion.


Concussion in the Classroom – A workshop designed to educate teachers and staff on the impact of concussion on students in the classroom. The workshop provides an overview of concussion and offers strategies to assist students impacted by concussion.


Sports Injury Prevention for Youth –Designed to teach children about the importance of helmet and wheeled sport safety and the prevention of sports-related concussions. This workshop aims to empower children to make informed decisions and protect their brains during various activities and sports.


Brain Injury Prevention and Safety Overview –Designed to educate individuals on the importance of safety and brain injury prevention, this session highlights some of the most common causes of brain injury and offers tips for keeping your brain safe in a variety of contexts.


Home Safety Tips for Your Family- Designed to provide families with tips for safety in the home including how to prevent falls, kitchen and bath safety, and safety tips for play in and around the house.


Summer/Water Safety – Designed for families, this session discusses open water safety (oceans, lakes), safety in and around pools, proper life jacket fitting, and sun safety tips


Medicine and Poison Prevention- This workshop focuses on medicine safety tips, including proper storage and dosage and how to keep children safe from household poisons.


Halloween Safety – Halloween is the most dangerous night for child pedestrians. This workshop discusses tips for walking and crossing the street safely and tips for safe costumes and sharing the road.


Winter Holiday Safety – Focused on helping families choose safe toys for children, and includes proper storage, online buying tips, and safety when decorating and using holiday lights.


Make Your Voice Heard Through Advocacy– Designed to help participants learn strategies for self-advocacy as well as legislative advocacy around brain injury related issues.

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